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Northwards ⬆️

I’ve never been to the Northern Province in my life. That was until I got my university entrance.

According to my z-score, I was qualified to follow a bachelor’s degree in Information Communication and Technology at Vavuniya Campus (I can’t say I haven’t heard of it. But more about that later…) of the University of Jaffna.

So I chose to do it because,

  1. I was from an average middle-class family with a single parent, which means I have no money to afford education in a private institution
  2. It was IT related. And that was the field I chose to build my career upon. (Great decision there!)
  3. Vavuniya is a predominantly-Tamil area
  4. Pressure from relatives 😫
  5. What the hell am I supposed to do otherwise?

And the rest is history… My insanely ridiculous, throat-drying, drought-surviving, noodles-making, bicycle-riding, racism-surviving, and most of all life-changing history in the land of the North.


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