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The first disagreement

31st of October

I see that the Project Proposal responses are on the LMS and I quickly inform the others.A while later, Sandaruwan (the group leader), mails us the reply. He seems so disappointed that his idea was not selected. TBH I was too. And to be fair, everybody wants their idea to be selected. I mean, who doesn’t want to see their brain-child prosper.

I, being the perpetual crowd please, resolve my mind to follow the idea Bandara had proposed. We had to add some “novel functions”, as suggested by the lecturer. I don’t know what that means.

We agree to have a Skype call on the next day. I obtain their Skype IDs and create a group.

1st of November

Sandaruwan was very vocal about his dislike of the selected proposal. He wants to change it. Bandara however, passionately defends his idea. I’m stuck in the middle 😦

The call goes terribly wrong. Sandaruwan decides to appeal for a change.



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