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Here I come, Second Year!

The third semester began officially on Friday the 31st of March 2017. Being the irresponsible people we usually are, we bunked around two weeks worth of lectures. The delinquencies successfully accomplished, it is time to return to the tedium of academia, almost a month later.

We have to choose four subjects out of six, and I still have no idea of what I’m going to study. This is a departure from normalcy for me. I usually have a plan in my head – which I tend to totally deviate and dither from. But this time, I’m only certain about skipping one subject.

So, the decision is to attend the rest of the lectures for a couple of weeks. The plan is to gauge the temperament of the lecturers(who is more generous with awarding marks, do they lull you to sleep? will they give you handouts or make you search for everything) and analyze the subject(does it require a lot of study? Memorization? Programming languages? Thinking? 😬). Then, make the final decision, hopefully way before I have to apply for the examinations.

I just had to write down this petty plan of mine!

I have the notebook, and I will buy a pen on the way. Wish me luck! 🦋


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