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Here I come, Second Year!

The third semester began officially on Friday the 31st of March 2017. Being the irresponsible people we usually are, we bunked around two weeks worth of lectures. The delinquencies successfully accomplished, it is time to return to the tedium of academia, almost a month later.

We have to choose four subjects out of six, and I still have no idea of what I’m going to study. This is a departure from normalcy for me. I usually have a plan in my head – which I tend to totally deviate and dither from. But this time, I’m only certain about skipping one subject.

So, the decision is to attend the rest of the lectures for a couple of weeks. The plan is to gauge the temperament of the lecturers(who is more generous with awarding marks, do they lull you to sleep? will they give you handouts or make you search for everything) and analyze the subject(does it require a lot of study? Memorization? Programming languages? Thinking? 😬). Then, make the final decision, hopefully way before I have to apply for the examinations.

I just had to write down this petty plan of mine!

I have the notebook, and I will buy a pen on the way. Wish me luck! 🦋

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The first disagreement

31st of October

I see that the Project Proposal responses are on the LMS and I quickly inform the others.A while later, Sandaruwan (the group leader), mails us the reply. He seems so disappointed that his idea was not selected. TBH I was too. And to be fair, everybody wants their idea to be selected. I mean, who doesn’t want to see their brain-child prosper.

I, being the perpetual crowd please, resolve my mind to follow the idea Bandara had proposed. We had to add some “novel functions”, as suggested by the lecturer. I don’t know what that means.

We agree to have a Skype call on the next day. I obtain their Skype IDs and create a group.

1st of November

Sandaruwan was very vocal about his dislike of the selected proposal. He wants to change it. Bandara however, passionately defends his idea. I’m stuck in the middle 😦

The call goes terribly wrong. Sandaruwan decides to appeal for a change.


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Coming to our senses

The deadline to submit the project proposal is the 15th of October!. And we realize that there is only a week left!

I was absent this week. So I send them a mail with my proposal “Happy Gift”. It is a gifting system, where people can gift vouchers/coupons. And the recipient has the option to donate a part of that to charity.

I quickly summarize a page and add a small diagram. Couple those together and voila!

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This little group

One other group member responds! About time!

The next Saturday, after the lectures have ended we start to call out to our group members by shouting the group number. So much primitive, but no alternatives either. I found another one as well.

Added both on Facebook. Still no sound from the fourth member. I checked the attendance sheet a couple of times. Seems that this person is absent a lot. Other groups have five people, while we have four. And now it seems that we’re down to three.

Still waiting for the last one 😕

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RAD Project (Again!)

The second group project

I found out that we have been assigned a group for Rapid Application Development. This time the group members were allocated very randomly. Someone had shared a post in our Facebook group as well.

See, I had a similarly named course in my undergraduate course. We used Visual Studio and C# for the project. And I had to do most of it, including the documentation. I’m still not sure whether this subject is also similar. I remain hopeful that this will be useful.

Another person created a poll to find the group members and so far I’m the only person who had responded. This is scary! I might end up developing the whole thing!


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Masters in IT

It is an ecstatic feeling to come to realize you are a postgrad student. That realization hit me like an enormous wave today at UCSC.

My mind soars through the sky as we sit here in this huge auditorium awaiting the inauguration. Here I am, continuing what I started years ago. Keeping the promises I made to myself. Doing what I really want to do with my life. 😊

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Northwards ⬆️

I’ve never been to the Northern Province in my life. That was until I got my university entrance.

According to my z-score, I was qualified to follow a bachelor’s degree in Information Communication and Technology at Vavuniya Campus (I can’t say I haven’t heard of it. But more about that later…) of the University of Jaffna.

So I chose to do it because,

  1. I was from an average middle-class family with a single parent, which means I have no money to afford education in a private institution
  2. It was IT related. And that was the field I chose to build my career upon. (Great decision there!)
  3. Vavuniya is a predominantly-Tamil area
  4. Pressure from relatives 😫
  5. What the hell am I supposed to do otherwise?

And the rest is history… My insanely ridiculous, throat-drying, drought-surviving, noodles-making, bicycle-riding, racism-surviving, and most of all life-changing history in the land of the North.